Deathforms Death Tarot Deck: Thirteen Deathform proposals

The Deathforms Tarot Deck is designed around the figure of Death as a constructed and evolving metaphor. In traditional Tarot decks, Death is often represented by a grim reaper or as an anthropomorphic skeleton. In this revised deck of thirteen, every card is a Death card.

This deck is a tool for untangling the anthropomorphic bias of Death figurations and considering the multiple possibilities of death as it is experienced by the non-humans of this world and beyond. Each card proposes a different Deathform; some living, some non-living and some that occupy a space in between.

The deck invites the user to cut out the individual cards, and treat them like any other: shuffle and draw one or several cards, reflect on your selection and discuss it with others.

The Deathforms tarot deck appropriates the form of Tarot as a critical tool that hinges on subjectivity and embodied knowledge. In Tarot, the Death card traditionally offers a chance for transformation. Given this potential, this deck proposes that the Death card itself might be transformed and relieved of some of its residual anthropomorphic normativity.

The package contains XIII Deathform proposals, as well as a blank deck template. This is an invitation to reimagine Death yourself by creating a personal set of Deathforms. The production of multiple decks will further expand the Deathforms available to us, behaving as vehicles to compose new relations and knowledge around the subject of death and its many faces.

Download the deck here and reserve a printed edition by emailing