A Worldly Figuration

Series of photographs following a sustained dialogue with one site in a small forest in Gothenburg, Sweden. The site contains a moment of collision where a birch tree has fallen and opened up the ground, revealing inner worlds of entangled non-human actors; rocks, mosses, plants, insects.


Using a process of re-photography I produced assemblages of many images, captured over several weeks.


The subject of these images is simply material things existing alongside each other, but seeing them may help a viewer to briefly re-imagine the strange interconnectedness of the natural world we are situated in.


The images capture intermeshed bodies that interface with other bodies; the simple basis that creates the material conditions for our world to exist. Their titles join to form a quintet, made up of lines of poetry sampled from another observer of the ecological world. These images belong to them.



(Fig. 1) In the forests up the hill voiceless beings talk.


(Fig. 2) There is a rising brightness in the rock, a singing in the silence of the tree.


(Fig. 3) Come down to earth as leaves in autumn lie in the patient rot of winter.


(Fig. 4) From the roots stones fall to this earth that covers my bones.


(Fig. 5) We see the wind that moves through leaves.