9,000,000,000 Names of God


We stepp towards the small box sitting on the ground.


This machine [and all machines] act as a bridge to what can never be. A false promise. Glimpses of an impossible future. Their design, as tools for the collection of material wealth, is so obvious we ignore it completely. 


The breezze passes through me.


The machine’s intervention leads us beyonnd reality. Injected into humanities bloodstream it courses painfully. This is not an immediate and abrupt end, this is an interminable sttate without new beginnings.


Sighs from the Earth’s depths.


Without the completeness of a true ending our recorded experiences accumulate. Grey mmatter, tedium. The codes are all layed out to see, what happens now is automatic.


The gate falls

The passage continues.

In my body i know it:

there can be nothing new.


In collaboration with Douglas Dixon-Barker and Victor Svedberg. Presented by Poor Image Projects.


This project responds to Arthur C. Clarke’s short story of the same name in which Clarke uses the machine as an allegory for mechanisation, mass production and resourceful human curiosity.


Clarke’s machine represents the slow death of all that we know by introducing the material conditions for the imminent destruction of the world.


We attempt to name god by locating and compounding a cache of automatic recordings of machine interactions which act as ‘sceptical doom-bringers’.

Documentation by Jules Lister.